Amb motiu de l’Any Internacional de la Taula Periòdica dels Elements Químics 2019, els alumnes de 4t d’ESO de la matèria optativa de Ciències Aplicades, han participat al concurs internacional de vídeos organitzat per la Secció de Joves (EYCN) de la Societat Europea de Química (EuChemS) i la Societat Catalana de Química (SCQ).
El curtmetratge és d’una durada de 90 segons, en anglès i amb el lema «In your element», tal com es demanava en els requisits del concurs.
Felicitem els alumnes per la feina feta!

“A Rock Named Julia” tells the story of a group of students who share a high school chemistry class. The students are from Olot, La Garrotxa, in the north east of Catalonia. Joy, Julia´s chemistry lab partner, is interested in hanging out with her, but she shows no reaction. One day, she agrees to join him on a walk through Pedra Tosca Park, in Les Preses, a natural volcanic zone near their high school in Olot, where there are dry-stone cabins and so on. Her friends, “the Helium girls”, join them for a day of fun and knowledge after school.

What follows is a comic story about a boy who tries to point out his knowledge of chemistry, explaining about rocks composition of his environment with jokes to get the friendship of his classmates.

To create this dialogue we have used the symbology of the chemical elements in the periodic table, and the concept of a “chemical bond” to show a new friendship in the making. The most representative chemical elements are: helium and oxygen (air), magnesium, berylium, gold and titanium (rocks).