Last week we had a very special visit in our English class. Dr. Santi Roca visited us and we had the opportunity to interview him.

For those people who do not know him, he is an astrophysicist who has been studying and travelling all around the world to investigate and do some research in our universe.

He was also a student in INS Bosc de la Coma, that is why he came. Most of the questions were about his student and professional life. We were interested in our near future: university life, PAU exams and other further studies. We also learned a bit more about life in other planets.

Santi taught us life is constantly changing and that PAU exams is not the end of the world, we will a lot of opportunities which will be also helpful. We learned that reaching our goals is not easy but if we work hard we will get them. Thank you Santi for your advice!

Maria Compte
Sara Criado.
2nd Batxillerat