Our 3 ESO English teachers asked us if we wanted to participate in a contest making a short video about gender inequality to celebrate 8 th of March. We accepted the proposal and we decided on the members of the groups. Then, we started thinking about ideas for the videos. When we knew what we wanted to do, we decided all the material, the place , and the final script . We recorded the video and, finally, we edited the video and our teachers sent it to Mans Unides. Here you have the final versions. Give them a lot of Love!

In this first video, we wanted to show how similar our lives can be if we are given the same opportunities:


We’re sure that some of you have heard these sentences more than once, and you may have said them but you haven’t noticed it. This is what women have to put on with every day.

Don’t you think that we have to change it?


We wanted to make a video where the word “Why” appears in each sentence to make people reconsider about some topics and to fight for having the same opportunities.